Behind my Back

It’s a fine but still gloomy day kaya in-avail ko na ang konting araw kanina. Bipolar ang weather kaya kahit 1pm, I decided to shoot myself bago pa ulit umulan.

So basically, this is what I wore last Saturday at Pam’s 18th birthday. I wasn’t able to shoot that day because it was raining. This is why I had to separate this post so can see the details na din. :)

My inspiration for this outfit was bright/ neon colors. I’m so into color blocking! It can actually change your mood if you see bright colors. But for this outfit, I tried to keep it classy and simple at the same time. :)

But with a twist at the back! hohoho. :)

Customized Dress - Desino Dulce Apparel 

Colorful neon bands at the back. I really really love the details! I don’t want to show too much skin so I thought this kind of design is perfect! This is made of flat spandex, so it’s comfy and flexible. Nothing to worry if you’re maligalig like me. hahaha!

Accessories - Divisoria

I match my pink dress with my ever favorite black pumps. There are no rules in fashion but just like putting make up, if you want to emphasize something or one area (like your eyes, lips or chickbones), then you have to tone down a little bit the other so it will not look like it’s overdone. 

Shoes - Forever 21

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