Tagaytay + Batangas 2012

Last week, my family and I went to Tagaytay to indulge a little bit. We’ve been working hard this past few days so we gave ourselves a break. 

I got no pictures on our way there coz I was asleep the whole time. AHAHAHA!

We came early and with no plan at all. So my brother decided to give Taal Tour a try, where we can spend so much time. 

Family picture before we went to Taal (which is actually a part of Batangas)

Obligatory outfit post? Naaaah! It’s the only time/ moment that I don’t have to think what to wear. I’m so ready for a jam-packed, full of adventure day!

My lil brother, Ron.

From Tagaytay (Picnic Grove, to be exact), we drove for almost 30 minutes. Then take a little break, ate some Pancit then rode a boat for another 20-30 minutes. I super enjoyed our boat ride! And now, the most exciting part! Horse back riding! 

My dad and niece. :)

My bro. I’m at the back. oha! I’m the last person to arrive! LOL.

Breathtaking view, isn’t it? 

With my eldest brother, Kuya Ace!

We tried golfing and I realized, it’s not for me! AHAHAHAHA! I look awkward. LOL.

Mom, striking a pose! Go mother!

Enjoying his buko juice!

Last picture before we went down. We ate again and again and again! 

Looking forward to our next vacay! Hmmm. I do now have an idea. I’ll let you know real soon! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)


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