Yabu: House of Katsu

Great food, excellent service, good ambiance, comfy place and reasonable price. These are the things a customer look for every time they dine in a certain restaurant. And as a foodie, I always ought to try something new. Then I discover this Japanese Restaurant located at SM Megamall Atrium, YABU The House of Katsu. 

Yabu is obviously a Japanese Restaurant specializing in Katsu. According to them, Katsu literally means “cutlet”, a piece of meat that is breaded and deep-fried. Katsu also means “to win” or “to be victorious”.

Love the interior design! They have these comic/manga type on their wall. It’s basically a story on how Katsu and Curry started. 

Yabu condiments. The first time I went here, I really don’t know how or where to use these. Thanks to their friendly staff, they helped me out! :)

Unlimited Cabbage! The cabbage itself is sooo effin good! I don’t what’s in their sesame dressing but I wanna take it home!

Rosu Katsudon Original. Itlog pa lang ulam na! <3

Yabu’s Hire Katsudon. They use pork tenderloin for this. :)

My gorgeous friends, Anne and Jeniffer! :)

Beauty and brainy, Sab and I. Opps! Sorry, i just love their dressings! :)

And oh, I’ve said this to them for so many times but dito lang talaga ako kumakain ng rice sa sobrang sarap! (di po toh overrated.lol)

I’m so full and happy and greatful! Thank you so much Yabu! My friends really did enjoy your food! Super worth it, and thanks for allowing us to celebrate our birthdays with you. Salamat di nyu ako pinahiya. :)

We’ll be back very very soon. <3

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